Asbestos Abatement

Property disasters aren’t just about what is destroyed. They’re also about what dangers get left behind, like seriously harmful asbestos. Our environmental crews are state licensed and certified in Asbestos Abatement, and with every new job, we protect the trust Georgia places in us to ensure properties aren’t just restored—but made safe.

Biohazard Services

No property is deemed restored until the bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause infections and illnesses are completely removed. Our team of biohazard experts provide the services that not only keep your property decontaminated, but also reduce downtime across all operations.

Hazmat Services

“We can clean everything” isn’t just something we say—it’s built into our very mission at Georgia Water & Fire Restoration. Removal, disposal and management of hazardous waste materials are associated regulatory components of every Georgia Water & Fire Restoration project. Our hazmat team includes certified and professional crew members to care for any of your needed hazmat cleaning tasks.

Electronic Recovery Services

When disaster strikes, the property damage left in its wake often extends far beyond the floors and walls. More than the buildings themselves, your property includes proprietary data contained in your electronic equipment, and you can’t afford to just write that off—you need it restored. Georgia Water & Fire Restoration’s Electronic Recovery services will help your business get back on its feet quickly with minimal disruption.


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