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If you’ve had a residential fire recently or for any reason had smoke fill up your entire home, then you should consider fire restoration services as soon as possible. Without at least looking into whether or not your home needs fire and smoke remediation, you can’t know that there aren’t harmful remnants of soot and other particulates in the air. There are many toxic or otherwise hazardous materials used in and around your home, especially in older homes, so the best move for you and your family’s air quality would be seeking fire restoration as soon as possible.

Aside from the potential health effects of leftover residue, such as amplifying respiratory problems in adults and increasing the risk of asthma in children, waiting to see if your home or household shows negative effects from the fire could cause you to lose any claim to insurance coverage. This would mean that you’ll be forced to pay for repairs out of pocket or take the risk of staying in a home with fire or smoke damage.

If you’ve had a more serious fire in your home — that clearly requires the need for a fire restoration company — and the fire department was involved, then chances are that you need your home at least partially reconstructed and possibly water extraction and restoration services. We can cover everything you might need as far as these more extensive restorations. If your home is completely destroyed, we can even handle deconstructing it and building you an entirely new home. We truly every aspect of disaster restoration, and because of that and the skilled contractors we employ, we’re fully capable of building you a beautiful new home.

Our fire and smoke damage restoration services
include any and all of the following:

• Complete Structure Repair & Rebuild (we do it all)
• Board-up structure/Temporary fencing/on-site security
• Onsite emergency power
• Arrange for temporary housing for you and your family
• Debris removal
• Structural drying
• Soot, smoke and residue removal

• Odor control and deodorization to remove all traces of smoke odor
• De-humidification
• Carpentry/Structure repair
• Content storage, cleaning and restoration
• Document and records recovery, cleaning and decontamination
• HVAC cleaning and decontamination
• Content Inventory Control


We are an insurance carrier-preferred restoration service, meaning we likely have experience in working with your insurance company and adjusters. Again, you have been through enough with having a fire in your home, so we are here to lend our expertise and assist you throughout the entire process. 

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