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Our name may just say restoration, but the truth is that Georgia Water and Fire Restoration is a company that is skilled in the full range of residential construction. Because we handle everything from floods and water damage to fire and smoke damage, and even hazardous waste cleanup, we have the contractors on hand to provide full home rebuilding services from teardown to final touches.

Our service is unique for a number of reasons. The first being that no restoration company offers a wider range of disaster recovery services, and the second being that, as a residential home builder, we have the contractors needed for new home builds and then some. The advantage to you is the fact that you do not have to call (or deal with) several different services or contractors. There is no waiting on the plumber, electrician, or painting company that won’t answer their phone… because we handle every aspect of the build and every step of the process.

Depending on the damage to your home, we can handle the teardown, cleanup, and rebuild on the same plot that you’ve been living, or, if you prefer a change or the plot is compromised, then we can secure a site and build your new house, all without you having to contact multiple contractors. This helps ensure that your home comes out with a seamless design, floorplan, and landscape.

Lastly, we also handle all insurance issues (if needed). Our clients often find this to be a huge relief, as we will effortlessly navigate the complicated forms, phone calls, and other work. For us, it’s easy, as we’ve been working with insurance providers for years, and have become a trusted company for many insurance providers. We know that when disaster strikes, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold for an insurance adjuster. We’ll handle that while you get to the more important task of taking care of your family after a disaster.

Call Us For Residential Building After a Disaster

If your home has been hit by a disaster and you need to start from scratch, then trust your rebuild to Georgia Water and Fire Restoration. With us, you get an experienced restoration contractor who can help you get the best response from insurance companies and help you build a beautiful new home on the backs of contractors who are the best in their field and who come together to provide our services and hopefully your new home.


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