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Our fire and smoke damage restoration services:

Fire and smoke damage can have serious and long-lasting implications to the health of your building and its occupants. Not just because of the visible damage, but because in most cases many chemical reactions occur, especially in a commercial fire, that leave behind toxins. Even if they’re no longer recognizable, these toxins can linger in your building’s air for years to come.

We are here to help your business get back to normal, quickly and efficiently. You have been through enough, so let us help you get your life back. You can call us 24/7, 365 days a year, and we will come right over and get to work.

• Complete Structure Repair & Rebuild (we do it all)
• Board-up structure/Temporary fencing/on-site security
• Onsite emergency power
• Arrange for temporary housing for you and your family
• Debris removal
• Structural drying
• Soot, smoke and residue removal
• Odor control and deodorization to remove all traces of smoke odor
• Dehumidification
• Carpentry/Structure repair
• Content storage, cleaning and restoration
• Document and records recovery, cleaning and decontamination
• HVAC cleaning and decontamination
• Content Inventory Control


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