Fire and Smoke Repair

Needless to say, fire, and smoke damage are devastating. Not just because of the damage, but because in most cases the structure is in unlivable conditions. For businesses, this means an environment that may be unsafe to do business in. Leaving fire and smoke damage as it is could not only get your business in hot water over health and commercial regulations but could expose you to future lawsuits if anyone links their health issues to your business.

Potential Risks of Fire and Smoke Damage

Due to the chemical reactions that occur during a fire, the remnants of smoke and soot that are left behind make it necessary to seek remediation and restoration services promptly. These are just a few of the risks that we can help mitigate when you use our company:

  • Inhalation of carcinogens, both natural and man-made
  • Respiratory problems
  • Asthmatic complications
  • Exposed asbestos 
  • Various degrees of eye and skin irritants

Water Damage

We handle all levels of water damage and extracting/drying. Our certified contractors can dry out your home as much as possible to help eliminate the prospects of future health and structural problems. From burst pipes to nature’s wrath, we are the people to call for water damage restoration. Here are a few of the things our water remediation services can help you and your business avoid:

  • Loss of structural integrity as wood is weakened with moisture
  • Corroded pipes that are only meant to come in contact with tap water, as they’re exposed to untreated water
  • Further damage to electrical systems
  • Mold, perhaps the biggest health risk, it can develop in just a matter of days 
  • Permanent staining to walls and floors
  • Musty smells and low air quality, increasing the risks of respiratory problems

Mold Damage and Mold Removal

Georgia Water & Fire Restoration is an expert at mold detection, remediation, and removal. Unlike much of the other work we do, mold is something that can creep up on you. In many cases of mold, people go from not realizing there’s mold in their space to all of the sudden realizing there’s a large and daunting issue with their home or business. No need to fret if this has happened to you, we can get an inspector out to you fast, inspect the damage, give you a quote, and then rid your commercial property of mold so you can keep the money coming in and put your concerns to bed. Without remediation and removal, you run risks such as: 

  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin and eye Irritation
  • Infections to people with certain existing lung issues
  • Increased asthmatic issues

Content Care and Restoration

Georgia Water & Fire Restoration doesn’t just rebuild and restore structures – we also care about your contents. We will move them, secure them, store them and, if possible, we will restore them to like-new condition.

Demolition and Reconstruction

One of the strengths of Georgia water & Fire Restoration is the fact that we are also general contractors who are capable of handling an entire project. If your home is past the point of restoration, then we’re one of the best companies to do your rebuild. Due to our work as remediation and restoration contractors, we’re the best choice for streamlining demolition, cleaning up hazardous materials, and rebuilding your property. With Georgia Water & Fire Restoration, you get contractors who are certified in their respective fields and a company that handles all the scheduling and logistics for your commercial reconstruction. We’ll get your business running again as soon as possible.

Whatever your commercial restoration, remediation, or reconstruction needs, we want to be your first choice. Give us a call, so we can work with you and help your commercial property up and running again.


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