If you think you have mold, give us a call and we will come take a look. And if you do have a mold problem, we will solve it.


There’s no one good answer to where mold comes from. Mold can creep up from a variety of sources, and it is virtually impossible to eliminate the possibility of mold. However, with proper mold remediation and removal, you can help ensure that mold never gets to the point of affecting your family’s health.

Often, mold is a by-product of a flood or other water damage. Improper or incomplete drying is usually the culprit, as water can sink below the surface into wood, drywall, insulation, and other building materials. This could come from something as serious as major flooding or something as minor as the toilet overflowing. If you have a flood of any size and start to see stains form later on, then you should at the very least have a mold inspection, so we can tell you — and possibly show you — what the extent of the damage is.

If your home has been through serious flooding from a storm, or if there’s standing water after a fire in your home, then you may discover your need for mold remediation when we come to provide water remediation and damage services. We take the utmost care during the drying stage of water restoration jobs to ensure that mold does not creep up later. 

However, you need not always have “water damage” or major flooding to be concerned about mold. For example, over the years, a simple thing like pipe condensation can cause mold (again thanks to that humid Atlanta weather). Other culprits can include a leaking roof, trapped moisture, a damp basement, or a hundred other potential factors. Mold is a living thing that spreads rapidly and survives in the grimmest environments, and fighting it without professional help really isn’t an option. We’ll do everything in our power to remove your mold and make sure it doesn’t come back anytime soon.

We handle all phases of mold detection and removal, so you can be assured of your family’s health and well-being. Feel free to contact us for a free mold inspection, and be sure to use Georgia Water and Fire for all of your restoration and remediation needs!


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