After a storm as powerful as some of those in the Cumming area, some houses are left in complete shambles. Powerful floods from Georgia rains and tropical storms that can rip off roofs and shutters are just the start of what residents have to deal with in our stormy region. However, if you do find yourself ill- prepared for the next storm, then there’s an answer in storm restoration and disaster recovery that you can trust with Georgia Water and Fire Restoration in Columbus, Cumming, and LaGrange. 

We’re adept in all forms of disaster restoration, so no matter how bad a storm gets, we have the water, fire, and mold restoration experience to help guarantee a full cleanup after a storm. We’ll come in, inspect the damage, and give you a quote for any needed repairs, water remediation, electrical repairs, etc., that may be needed. We’re a restoration company that does it all — we could rebuild your entire house if needed. After a storm, we’ll get your house up, running, and looking pristine in no time. We’ll even help you deal with insurance!

Storm Restoration Services:

In the event of serious storm damage, you may have to leave the home. If this is the case, we can help you make the arrangements you need to feel comfortable and taken care of, even helping you find a place to stay if needed. As a restoration contractor that handles virtually any concern, the services below are just a few possible storm restoration needs. If you have damage after a storm that’s not covered here, then please contact us to see how we can help you recover your home and peace of mind.

Securing and Boarding Up Your Home:

One of the most important things to do in the event of a disaster is to clean and secure a site by removing any glass and debris, boarding up windows, and fencing the area off. If needed, we can arrange for onsite security. This prevents both vandalism and costly accidents from happening. When you work with us, you can rest assured we’ll secure your property quickly and effectively.

Secure Any Contents:

Many of your contents will be salvageable after a storm, but they need to be quickly stored in a safe environment, away from water, debris, and any potential theft or further damage while you’re away from the home. We have a secure, climate-controlled storage facility for this very reason. We will ensure that your possessions are accounted for, inventoried and documented, and kept safe and sound.


Needless to say, we are experts at this phase. From water removal to rebuilding from scratch, we are equipped to handle every phase of a rebuild project. Because we cover so many different restorations and repairs, we have all the necessary contractors under our employ to prepare a beautifully and seamlessly built home in a well-maintained timeline. We can also work with your insurance company, taking some of the burden off of you in a trying time.

Hail, Wind, and Rain Restoration:

Not every storm will require you to fully renovate or rebuild the affected area, sometimes you’ll just need a few repairs after a storm. A raging storm might hit you from all angles, but a storm with any form of heavy precipitation and high wind can damage your home. If you have broken windows, shutters or roofing that’s been ripped off, broken gutters, or siding that’s been damaged from a storm, then we can come out and repair them for you so your home can continue to look and function at its best.

Protect Against Aftermath:

After a major storm, especially if there’s flooding involved, many areas of your home could be affected with long-term damage. To prevent this, it’s important that all affected areas of the home are checked for potential future damage. Mold often follows after severe water damage, and there could be implications for your plumbing and electrical as well. But that doesn’t happen when you trust the work to us. We do a thorough job, and that means ensuring that no unpleasant surprises creep up later.


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