Bottom line- you can trust that your possessions are safe with us.

When people consider the effects of a storm, fire, or flood in their home, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be structural damage and the costs that come along with repairing and restoring a house. However, the items inside your house may be just as expensive to replace, or altogether impossible if they’re old or hold sentimental value.

When you call Georgia Water and Fire Restoration, we’ll be out to your home as quickly as possible and make it a priority to collect everything that could be salvageable and handle every aspect of securing and restoring your possessions.

We’ll inventory, pack, and store your possessions — everything from furniture to family heirlooms — we will catalog it (including makes, models, and serial numbers), photograph it, pack it up, and store it in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. This ensures your possessions remain safe while we work on your property.

Our technicians are experts in disaster-related cleaning and restoration. Whether it is bringing smoke-damaged draperies back to life or restoring a prized heirloom after water damage, we have worked some minor miracles. Please understand that there can be limitations — some items are beyond repair. However, let us assess it first and you may be pleasantly surprised at what we can save.

When it comes to offices and workspaces within your home, some of your most expensive equipment and important tools may be easily damaged. However, computers and machinery are repair challenges we’ve conquered before. We may be able to restore and retrieve important computer files, documents, and electronic data or repair tools and machinery. 

No matter what your hobbies or interests may be, the equipment you use can be expensive. If you have multiple game systems, we may be able to save you thousands of dollars in replacing them. If you have power tools, lawn equipment, or sports utility vehicles that have taken on water, then don’t let your investments slip away, see if our team can save them with our content restoration expertise.

We make no promises, as there is a wide range of potential damage, but we’re confident that if it can be saved, then we’ll be able to do it. Contact us today.


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